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NF DAC -USB24/192 DSD 384KHz and Wireless connection 

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 "5 star Outstanding" in HiFi world and several exciting things will appear in 2016. 

After launching the first DAC in 2010, Lead Audio attracted Hi-Fi users from all over the world with its delicate and beautiful sound reproduction quality. Even though DAC LA-100 was a small product with comparatively low price, many Hi-Fi reviewers and magazines judged its high fidelity sound just as excellent or better than many other expensive high-end DACs. The DAC market has ever since exploded and over newest DAC384 is improved in all aspects.

The background of Lead Audio lies in deep research of digital signal process with the investment of a few million USD. Digital Room correction technology and related hardware instruments invented by Lead Audio are licensed and delivered to the world's top level Automotive and Electronics manufacturers.

Based on its digital signal processing technology and the associated hardware and software technologies, Lead Audio continues to develop DACs and Amplifiers to share the utmost pleasure of listening to music for users with passion to explore the original sound reproduced from this magic box.