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Help us in designing our new audio power supply

December 18, 2015

Hi all
Just wonder if you could help me in "designing" a high end power supply for especially our DAC. This will bring the NF DAC384 up in the next class audiophile class. But can also be used for other manufacturers products.

As a basic it will have 2 times isolation (one in the mains toroidal transformer) , very very low noise/hum , very low impedance in the audio band, and a very stable output voltage.
This is allready done, but remaining issues are:

1: Is a display needed (for voltage/current) ? 
2: A 5V output also? How many amps?
3: 12V output : How many amps?
4: Other output voltages? 24V 3A
5: XLR Connectors, or screw terminals?
6: Lithium rechargeable power (pure battery powered)?

Thanks in advance 
Søren Mac Larsen

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