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NF DAC has been launched (April 08, 2013)


NF DAC has been launched. Display and test use products are being delivered to the distributor in each country.With its professional design look, rich usability and amazing sound quality, testers and reviewers started to give feed backs to Lead Audio with continuous praises. Please contact Lead Audio distributors and dealers nearby your location to reserve the test opportunity.


Production of NF DAC has been started (March 18, 2013)

NF DAC, the 3rd generation of DAC introduced by Lead Audio which is featured by 24Bit/192KHz USB is under mass production currently in March. All dealers who already tested the NF DAC expressed pleasure of listening the reproduced sound of the device and booked deliveries of enough goods. NF DAC will be displayed in all Lead Audio  dealer's shops around the end of April.


Introduction of LA-120 in High End 2012, Munich (May 25, 2012)

Lead Audio introduced a new DAC LA-120 featured with 24Bit/96KHz USB which succeeded beautiful sound tone of LA-100 in the High End 2012 Fair in Munich. The model has extended features of Balanced/Unbalanced output, Remote control and Battery driven clean power. 


Introduction of LA-200 in High End 2011, Munich (May 20, 2011)

  Lead Audio introduced Digital Power Amp LA-200 in the High End 2011 Fair in Munich. The model adapted DAC circuit of LA-100 to offer the good sound quality for the headphone user even though it is power amplifier for the external speaker use mostly. LA-200 has various kinds of digital and analog inputs such as USB, Optical, Coaxial, MP3 and Aux. 


 "The Best DAC of the Year" by Hifi & Musik, Sweden (December 31, 2010)


 LA-100 of Lead Audio was awarded as the best DAC of the year by HiFi & Musik in Sweden with its beautiful sound tone and timbre. We are happy to hear this good news and appreciate all people who encouraged to challenge to make the good sound for the users for the room HiFi.           (Download the article)