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 LA-120 is a digital-to-analog converter (converts the digital signal into an analog), which can be connected to a computer (via USB) or other digital audio player: Blu-ray and DVD players, CD players and even televisions.

Converter LA-120 can be connected to an amplifier or used separately with headphones.

This model is an extension of the popular converter LA-100, which has been called "the best digital-to-analog converter 2010/2011" by the magazine «Hifi & Musik». LA-120  is an enhanced version of the LA-100, which has been kept basic layout.

Since the LA-100 is one of the most pleasant sounding converters, we have made only minor changes in the processing of the audio signal. 

Characteristics of LA-120 

USB-interface with a resolution of 96 kHz / 24-bit; supports «Plug and play». No driver installation and works on MAC and PC. The ability to use a coaxial line produces more resolution - up to 192 kHz / 24-bit.

The model is not standard! In electroschemes device uses the best components: 

. Distortions are removed by a professional induction frequency converter, which is often used in conventional recording studios. Such a transducer can cope with any sampling frequency, at the same time managing to filter the signal more than 1000 times. 

. As the clock used quietest vacuum tube with capacitive feedback, two-level buffering and serial / parallel power generator.

. Analogue signal processing associated DC, ensures that no distortion of the capacitors.

. DC coupled headphone amplifier with dual power and low impedance output allows you to work with headphones with low impedance. 

From the Developers 

The creation of this converter began just as the modernization of LA-100, since it lacked the USB-interface with high resolution (96 kHz / 24 bit). 

But in the development stage, we began to focus on the increased demands on the device, such as: 

. Different outputs to the transmitter can be used as a preamplifier. 

. Remote Control 

. Why not make a high-quality transformer balanced output that can be connected to a professional power amplifier? This question was asked to us buyers and reviewers who have already try out our products. 

. Improved power supply from external sources 

These ideas were reasonable, and we decided to bring them to the new inverter, but that does not change the fundamentals - the sound quality. 

In addition, we wanted the device can be incorporated into other systems and upgrade: 

 LA-120 - a LA-100 with 96/24 USB-interface, and a plurality of outputs. 

- LA-120 B comes with a remote control and the balanced output. 

- LA-120 C is equipped with environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery that gives up energy during play, and the rest of the charges. 

Thus, we offer exclusive device at a reasonable price due to the large volume of production. 

Our products are sold all over the world, and they are designed and manufactured in Denmark. We guarantee that our products are made with the soul and on the basis of in-depth knowledge of one of the world's leading companies, which is engaged in the development of sound equipment. Audio is made in Denmark for more than 90 years, and our company has the knowledge accumulated over more than 25 years. 

LA-120 - is an innovative project of unparalleled quality, and I'm proud of him. I hope you like it too.


- LA-120 - a special offer for those who like the products are handmade. To order, go to the "Contact Us".