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Northern Fidelity (NF)

Northern Fidelity is a Platform of Lead Audio composed of DAC(NF DAC), Analog AMP(NF AMP-A) and Digital AMP(NF AMP-D) introduced in 2013. Feature of Northern Fidelity is 192 KHz of USB resolution and professional design with beautiful tone. 


NF AMP-A is an Analog Power amplifier to pair with NF DAC for the users who want to enjoy very well refined analog signal from the NF DAC with loud speakers. Estimated market launch of NF AMP-A is September of 2013.

Tentative features

1. Input : 3 RCA

2. Output : Balanced. Continuous power > 50W/8Ω.

3. Resolution : 24Bit/192KHz

4. Power supply : External

5. Design : Same appearance as NF DAC