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Northern Fidelity (NF)

Northern Fidelity is a Platform of Lead Audio composed of DAC(NF DAC), Analog AMP(NF AMP-A) and Digital AMP(NF AMP-D) introduced in 2013. Feature of Northern Fidelity is 192 KHz of USB resolution and professional design with beautiful tone. 


NF AMP-A is an Digital Power amplifier for the users who want to compact solution which DAC and Power amplifier are combined. Estimated market launch of NF AMP-D is Q2 of 2014.

Tentative features

1. Wireless solution : Bluetooth Input(APTX)

2. Output Power : 2 x 50W / 4Ω

3. Resolution : 24Bit/192KHz USB

4. Remote control

5. Analog output for Subwoofer 

6. Headphone Output : LA-100 DAC