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Northern Fidelity (NF)

Northern Fidelity is a Platform of Lead Audio composed of DAC(NF DAC), Analog AMP(NF AMP-A) and Digital AMP(NF AMP-D) introduced in 2013. Feature of Northern Fidelity is 192 KHz of USB resolution and professional design with beautiful tone. 

NF DAC-192


 NF DAC-192 is the third generation of DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) plus Headphone Amp introduced by Lead Audio with 24 Bit and 192 KHz of Sample Rate.

After the introduction of the first generation of 24 bit and 48 KHz DAC named LA-100 in the Hifi market, Lead Audio attracted worldwide Hifi users with its natural, precise fidelity and heartwarming tone of sound. With its remarkably beautiful tone, Swedish Hifi magazine “Hifi & Musik” awarded LA-100 as the best DAC of the year in 2010/2011.

NF DAC-192 succeeded the design fundamentals of LA-100 but upgraded its features and quality for the Lead Audio customers who have always encouraged, urged and waited for the next generation of DAC. However, it is not only for the users who already know the beauty of Lead Audio’s sound but also for the new users who are ready to explore the new tone and timbre.

User oriented design              

NF DAC-192 is a true user oriented DAC. It has various inputs such as USB, Optical and Coaxial and has various outputs such as Headphone, Balanced Line-out and Unbalanced Line-out to meet all different tastes of user’s selections. User can enjoy high-class of sound with his/her own selective input and output method with comfort.

Front panel has high-class of out looking with sanding, hairline and anodizing process of Aluminum material. NF DAC - 192realizes convenient user interface with input/out selection by micro-controller and master volume control by remote controller.

Input and output mode is selected from key operation in the front panel to meet user environment aggressively.

Features of NF DAC-192

Lead Audio aggressively adapted high precision of components for NF DAC-192 which normally used for expensive High-end audio.

. Adapted high performance of Audio components used for expensive Hifi instruments such as PCM 1796 DA Converter from TI (Burr Brown) and Wima Condenser.

. Adapted 1 ppm TCXO which had been used only for broadcasting equipment to realize Low Noise Master Clock and used double multiplication of frequency to secure 50% of Duty of Master clock. It fundamentally removes Jitter and Noise from the Clock so that the reproduction of the original sound becomes more substantial.

. Adapted special noise reduction technology know-how with Collpitz Oscillator and 2 steps buffering clock

. Adapted Sample rate converting technology used for top-class of Hifi Audio to remove Jitter noise which is fatal to sound quality

. Adapted DC Coupled circuit for the high quality of sound which fundamentally eliminates the degradation of the sound quality from the usage of capacitor

With all technologies above, NF DAC-192 realizes top-class of sound quality gets abreast of more expensive High-end products.