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 Audio Creative (NF DAC Review from the Netherland ) -NF DAC                     _ August, 2013

.....Lead Audio did make a product with the NF DAC that can easily compete with much more known analog digital convertor manufactures. The sound quality is even above (my) expectation. The building quality and finish are beautiful. And not only on the outside. A piece of top equipment with USB converter is used, which leaves no further wishes. And the measurement results are evidence of this.

In my opinion Lead Audio may be less unpretentious. If you can make something as beautiful as the NF DAC you have a lot of skill and people may know about this. At the retail price you get a converter that can easily stand ground and excel positively among the sub 800 Euro price range.  


(download to read more) or (move to the webpage)


 e_haute_fidelite (NF DAC Review from France ) -NF DAC                                 _ July, 2013

……The bass is rich and warm without annoying since it doesn’t feel heavy. Midrange needs to be respected from the first listening. With its fine restitution, all different musical instrument reproduced by NF DAC entirely matched the harmonic richness. The violins in Gogol Suite of Alfred Schnittke are showing realism.

Acute: The qualities of midrange extend consistently in the high range, which confirms the key word that characterizes Northern Fidelity: finesse. The silky cymbals played by Phil Collins on the album Grace and Danger of John Martyn, or the realism of acoustic guitars literally savor for listening.

Soundstage: Very fast and with total ease in acute (one not going, in principle, without the other).  Northern Fidelity maintains the same vitality and precision in every nuance present on the audiogram. Thus we clearly perceive the room acoustics and reverberation.

....Northern Fidelity goes much further in terms of transparency and musicality, thanks to a well designed internal equipment                                                                                                   (download to read more)


 Old & New Sound (NF DAC Review from Spain) -NF DAC                                     _ August, 2013

.... NF Lead Audio is a very well built DAC with a flawless sound quality, very detailed, precise and great musicality. Being able to face with much more expensive opponents DACs. The ability to read files up to 24 bit and 192 kHz, along with great connectivity offered in a so compact and lightweight chassis put the icing on the cake.

It has an official price of 680 euros, very hard to beat in this price range, to me is a real winner..... 



 (download to read more) or (move to the webpage


  Prime AV (NF DAC Review from Taiwan ) - NF DAC                                            _ July, 2013

Resolution of NF DAC is dynamic excellence for the rock music. Rock music played from the lines is clear and strong explosively. It also shows the most subtle performance of the singer. Breathing, swallowing saliva and other voices are heard clearly.

Sound through NF DAC is especially beautiful listening classical music. It shows very analytical and detail performance with clear figure out each instrument without fuzzy mixing.

                                                                   (download to read more)



  Hifi & Musik (The Best Product of the year - From Sweden )                       _ December, 2010

...Lead Audio is a relatively new, Danish brand, with the roots in the more professional focused digital world. Which is particularly felt, because the electrical digital input handles all the way up to 24 bit /216kHz.

The LEAD-DAC shows its advantages immediately with a more driving and physical playing style, with more drive and weight in performing, which shows up as a tighter but more importantly deeper and more attack friendly bass, but also the other end of the frequency spectrum is given more place.More grown up than the Pro-Ject and really calm and engaging in its playing style, with good pressure, float and keeping control...        

(download to read more)


 Fedelta Del Suono (The Magic Box - From Italy )                                           _ February, 2011

...The sound of the Lead Audio is solid, clear and open as setting both-dynamics that timbre. The descent towards the lower end of the passband is not one to leave you speechless. The control of the low, although it is not of their very extensive, it is however always been very correct.Compared with the references we have a scene and a body less in size and depth, less wealth of detail, but especially of micro detail and micro-dynamics. Well not fared bad at all, has the capacity to focus and three-dimensional reconstruction more than satisfactory, and the musical instruments that rumors are always defined and articulated enough.

Anita Baker (Atlantic Records / Wea, flac): Outstanding Lead Audio with one of the most popular soul voices of the '80s and '90s, it makes very good singer changes in the fragrant, rich is the presence of grain and contrast. The accompaniment, typical of that historical period, evidently goes well with the peculiar characteristics of this dac. The electric bass is solid and the setting of the album, purely from studio recording, facilitates his work....

                                                                 (download to read more

 Haute Fidelité (From France)

(download to read more)

  Head-Fi (From USA)                                                                                     _ September, 2011

...Enter Lead Audio with their LA-200 integrated. This small device (just 8 inches wide, 8 inches deep including front knobs and rear jacks, and 2 inches tall) is able to accept practically any type of signal you feed it whether analog or digital, process it, amplify it, and send it out to a pair of speakers or headphones. It is so small, and does its job so well, that it makes the process seem quite simple....

You may find yourself wondering about Lead Audio; I admit that I did as well. Lately it is easy to get lost in a sea of brand names that you've never heard of. Many of these brands are imported from China and sold exclusively through eBay. There's nothing wrong with that, and in fact some of these brands have some solid engineering behind them (see Yulong Audio as a prime example). I initially assumed Lead Audio was yet another one of those...

(download to read more)

 Tinman (From Korea )                                                                                       _ May, 2011

...Just for the note, unlike other similar products, Lead Audio focused on digital signal processing in LA-200 with lots of effort. They don?t simply amplify the input digital signals. They made an effort to reduce the jitter of signals (especially the USB input) before they were amplified. They used a rather exact clock circuit

techniques, converted the digital signals to 192kHz/24bit by applying sample rate converter methods to self buffering, and made sure there was no amplification of noise and artifacts prior to digital amplification through digital signal processing. This is the greatest difference between other mid-priced USB AMPs...                                 (download to read more)


Kelvin (From Korea )                                                                                          _ May, 2011

...In such a small space, LA-200's ideal size allowed for me to simply place it anywhere on the desk. With 7 different digital/analog source inputs, I could easily connect it with any device no matter how the output type was. Thanks to this cutting edge 192kHz/24bit up-conversion jitter free DAC amp, the old model of my PC has transformed into a high quality of digital audio player. Thanks to this 5W of low power and low heat generation full digital amplifier, I could become free from huge analog amplifier which swallowed a lot of electricity and radiated the heat. And because it also supports headphones up to 600ohms, I have also become possible to listen to high quality head-fi music with external analog headphone amplifier without the need of direct connecting headphone to the computer...

(download to read more)




  тес ты и обзоры (From Russia )                                                                                    _ May, 2012

...Decent sound, rich connectivity, high-quality production. 

The sound is very neutral, restrained, but without any significant restrictions on the dynamics.

On view Lead Audio LA-100 - a real toy, but it is used very high quality Burr Brown PCM1796 chip with 24 bit/192 kHz, which can be found in a very solid device...

(download to read more)






 HI-FI & HI-VI (From Taiwan)

...Best value and sound...

(download to read more)